Virtual Rome

Explore virtual rome in 3D

Virtual Rome is an Open Source web VR project, based on geospecific data, 3d models and multimedia contents, with front-end (VR webGIS) and back-end (VR webLAB) on line solutions, for the interpretation, reconstruction and 3d exploration of the archaeological and potential landscape of ancient Rome. The purpose is the creation of a three-dimensional on line 3d environment, embedded into a web-browser.

In Virtual Rome you can

  • Explore in 3d the archaeological and reconstructed landscape of ancient Rome, flying on the territory or walking inside its monuments.
  • Interact, through different tools, with the cyberspace, have different point of views, change perspective, for a better knowledge of the territory.
  • Modify the cyberspace, through a sort of 3d CMS (Content Management System), developed as to involve different professionals in the complex, open and neverending activity of landscape reconstruction.

  • More information on: The project and who we are; The software, Requirements and how to use the VR webGIS; The VR webLAB (restricted access)


News from Cyberspace
Added St. Nicolas Church in 20th Century [08.10.08];
Updated Milvio Bridge in 20th Cent. [08.10.09]