Demo instructions

_____Although the project is still under development (final version available from Sept. 2008), you can access the demo version, downloading the plug-in OSG4WEB for Windows in a pre-packed way:



1) download the zip file with the pre-packed version of Firefox and unzip it into a local directory (name with no spaces).
2) close all your Mozilla Firefox windows!
3) double click the vrome_new_firefox.bat file
4) Explore Virtual Rome in 3d:
--- Latest Version
--- Previous Version (with paged vegetation in Roman Times)
--- Back-End access

Developed features: fly through manipulator; walk manipulator; view points; switching among different landscapes; uploading of 3d models, vegetation, vectors, labels; fast tool-tip visualisation; 3d link to multimedia contents. In progress: time-bar, interactive map, back-end editing functionalities (3d models, annotations and vegetation on line integration).

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Virtual Rome DEMO




For more infromation on the project,
download the pdf (594 kb)

For any problem or comment write to us: